"Fort Worth, Texas is one of the most dangerous cities in America if you are a black male." Reverend Kyev P. Tatum, Sr.
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SCLC calls for National Ban on Tasers:

FORT WORTH, TEXAS - The president of the local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) has declared Fort Worth, Texas as the most dangerous city in America for black males after a grand jury no billed a Fort Worth Police officer of the murder of an unarmed black man with 54 seconds of taser torture.

"Fort Worth has a long history of justifying the mistreatment of African-American men in our community," says the Reverend Kyev Tatum. president of the Fort Worth Tarrant County Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

"The Michael Patrick Jacobs, Jr., taser shock death of 54 seconds and the refusal of the local authorities to do anything about it is just another example of the city sending a message that the Fort Worth way is to control, condemn, and or kill if necessary to keep its black men in their place," Rev. Tatum said.

The SCLC is calling on the US Justice Department Criminal Section to file federal civil rights charges against the Fort Worth Police officers involved in what has been called a "pattern of taser torture abuse."

The white female Fort Worth Police who tasered Michael Jacobs for 54 seconds has been cleared of all criminal charges locally.

"Michael Jacobs was not a criminal, was not armed and needed medical help. The City of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth police department continues to allow too many rouge officers to terrorize the black and brown community and we are tired of the excessive use of force and call upon President Barack Obama's Administration to help provide us with some relief from home grown terror and torture before someone else is killed," says, Reverend Tatum.

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